SINCE 2013


8 Years forming soccer players


Total Soccer Players

International Participation


Actual Players


  • The University as the main goal
  • Permanent accompaiment in the search for goals
  • Develop and achieve the maximun performance of each athlete
  • Provide useful personal society


  • Making sport a means of enjoyment
  • Create healthy habits through sport
  • Create friendship ties for life
  • Create teamwork habits
  • Create habits of mutual respect
Hector Martin Gutierrez

Hector Martin Gutierrez

Head Coach

Hector Martin is the founder of the academy, the general coordinator of coaching

  • ATFA Profesional FIFA Lincense.
  • UEFA B Lincense.
  • NSCCA National Advanced License.
Belen Gutierrez

Belen Gutierrez


Belen is the person in charge of the children’s registration, public relations with the parents and is also in charge of everything related to the coaches and parents.

Jonathan Tacuri

Jonathan Tacuri

Goalkeeper Trainer

Jonathan is the goalkeepers coach, his work is focused on improving physical-technical skills, as well as the mental and tactical parts that are fundamental in this position.

Cesar Fabian Chica

Cesar Fabian Chica


Cesar Fabian is in charge of the entire operational part of the academy, also he is teams administrator and contribut with coordination and the photografic record. 


Our sports project will also have a pre-established working philosophy and will guide the destinations of the entire project; this philosophy is under the approval of the Dutch AJAX academies that will guide us on this path.


Our monitors will have our permanent support for their training and professional growth as this will give us all more and better work tools for the progress of our athletes.

These trainings can be national or international depending on the professional aspirations of each of our monitors.


Whenever we talk about planning, tasks, appropriate ages. We will be basing ourselves on personal experiences and leaving our own contributions at all times.

  1. Initial Stage
  2. Development Stage
  3. Improvement Stage


I have had many important life experiences that cultivated my love of soccer, and my desire to share my passion with others. Among these were the three years I spent as a player for the New York Red Bulls. Currently, my colleagues and I are working as trainers for the Colombia National Team (presently ranked 8th in the FIFA world rankings) to help them prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. In addition, for the past 3 years, I have coached the high school varsity soccer team at the Ross school. All these experiences and more have prepared me to share what I’ve learned with others, and instill in them a respect and appreciation for this great game.

Very Sincerely,

Hector Martin Gutierrez

Director of Soccer Stars NY Academy